Who We Are

I’m Erin, The creator of Corrupted Quill and maker of all the terrain you see here. Currently in the land Kangaroos and murderous spiders, Brisbane Australia. Way out from the major cities of gaming but, luckily a huge growing community for DND and wargames.

I’ve always been an avid gamer from pc, to tabletop and wargames, and have always enjoyed the creative aspects of these hobbies from blogging, to map making, writing stories, painting miniatures and crafting terrain. It is this variety of experiences that has helped nurture my imagination and creativity with crafting terrain.

As an avid gamer I’ve always strived to have engaging terrain in my own games, be it Dungeons and dragons or Wargaming. Starting as a simple aim to make my own cheap, and beautiful terrain it spanned out from there to become the passion it is today.

I’ve been wargaming for several years now and throughout my games have always enjoined those with interesting terrain. Terrain that is both Functional and tells a story on the table, and have strived to bring this to my creations

Throughout my terrain building I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with the process, from using new and interesting materials to trying out new crafting styles and process. It has been a journey of discovery, and one I’m proud to have been through.

I’m a bit of a scavenger as well, always looking for interesting shapes and pieces to add to my collection, in the hopes of creating something amazing with it in the end. Partly for sustainability reasons but also because the whole trash to terrain concept really appeals to me.